To My Friend Duke

Sleep well my friend,
your time has come to cross another bridge.
Look down and smile at us,
when you top the next big ridge.

How many miles we traveled,
when over the road we drove.
Over mountains, deserts, woodlands,
and by a lakeside cove.

Many miles we traveled together,
and many meals we shared.
And many loads delivered,
without a scratch, because we cared.

Then like me, you met a lady,
wonderful sweet and true.
How we both were so lucky,
I haven't got a clue.

We both left the road,
and went our separate ways.
But our friendship lasted,
throughout the love filled days.

But now you have been called,
to drive another road.
To travel the endless highway,
to deliver another load.

Drive safe my friend,
as to you we wave good bye.
We will meet again someday,
in that truck stop in the sky.

Written for Carol by Ralph "Graywolf" Hill
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Midi playing "Blue Water"