Rest Area

I woke up this morning,
before the alarm clocks peal.
And got into my big truck,
and slid behind the wheel.

I had gone into the Coffee Shop,
to get a bite to eat.
Had an extra cup of coffee.
to get me on my feet.

As I roll on down the highway,
"Mother Nature" makes a call.
She says, "Get rid of that coffee,
and get rid of it ALL!!!!

I see a great big blue sign,
and as I passed by, it read.
In big bold white words,

Two more miles to go now,
and I will get relief.
But as I approach, DAMN, it's "CLOSED",
this is beyond belief.

I'm driving now with legs crossed,
my belly filled with pain.
The radio playing softly,
playing this refrain.

"Cool Clear Water", it plays,
an old western melody.
But why is it on now,
when I have to Pee.

Then up ahead, a truck stop,
an oasis shining bright.
Of I can just make it there,
then I'll be alright.

From the freeway to the truck stop,
my truck with others meshes.
Blessed relief - The heck with coke,
this is the pause that refreshes!!!!!!

Midi playing "Blue Water"