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For the first time in days,
the sun is shining bright.
The road ahead is clear,
the ground around is white.

Winter is close upon us.
the days of summer gone.
Warm days replaced by cold,
as winter sings its' song.

Dreary days of winter,
then rainy days of spring.
Then the warmth again of summer.
and again the grass is green/

'Til then, my skills be tested,
as I travel winters roads.
Fighting snow and black ice,
to deliver all my loads.

Now I head for Denver,
the city named "Mile High".
And hope my luck will hold out,
and the storms will skip on by.

Leaving me a road that's dry,
and no snow or ice in sight.
So I can roll on down the road.
into the morning light.

Leading me to a sky of blue,
and puffy clouds of white.
and up above it all,
the sun is shining bright.

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